viernes, junio 27, 2008

Nature's Affaire set

Brag Album4 QP of 6x6 inches-300ppi-PNG format.
Shadow only in previews.
10 beutiful labels with nature's word art and one blank for you to fill.Made in PNG format-300ppi.
Element pack-47 elements made in PNG format-300ppi.
9 wrapped frames in 3 different models.
6 tags in 2 different models
3 bottoms
6 bows in 2 different models.
3 multicolor ferns
6 flowers in 2 different models
1 colored flower doodle
1 journal
1 plant pot
2 stitches ribbons
3 folded ribbons
2 eyelet ribbons
2 croche ribbons
1 bow ribbon
1 nature's basket
1 unique folded paper basket.

Paper pack: 12 papers in stunning colors and textures, foliage, flowers, earth and so many other colors and designsin this amazing pack. All papers are made in JPG format-12x12inches-300ppi.

If you take the whole set you will have a 45% off, almost half of real price!!!
Use this coupon:
Coupon Code kakleid_naf
You can purchase them with 30% off unti june 30 and + 45% off if you tke the whoe set in these stores:

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