martes, febrero 05, 2008

Heath ledger tribute- A layout made with my I wish you were here kit

And he's gone...I can't beleive it but he is....a extremly tallented actor, father, husband and brave human being...we willsure miss you....
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domingo, febrero 03, 2008

Lady intense kit

A few people wrote to me asking about my pink, romantic, kits I used to make, so I decided to please them.This is a beutiful set that mixes all shades of pink, purple and similar tones. Wonderful textures and elements makesthis kit suitable for valentine´s day and also for everyday poprposes. All papers and elements are made in 300dpi for perfect printing.All papersare 12x12 inches and you should know that previews are much smaller than real sizes.
The following items are included in the kit:
12 printing papersof 12x12., 2 wonderful frames with curtains,2 fine, classic, romatic frames,2 polaroid frames texturized.6 wonderful tags.6 amazing flowers, 8 exquisite ribbons: 2 lace, 2 wide, 4 romantic ,3 unique bows, 3 hunging hearts

It is a bargain-ony for: $1.99

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Natural Sophisticated kit

This is a beutiful kit, natural and elegant papers ,elements that without having the touch of rustic becomes in a sophisticated and lovely set to use every day.
The following items are included in the zip:10 papers of 12x1-300dpi, 6 bows 6 frames, 3 buttons, 3 journals,2 wine bottles,2 gift cans,8 ribbons,6 tags, 3 hanging ornaments, 1 neckledge

Este hermoso y refinado kit, natural y elegante sin dejar de tener ese toque rustico, se transforma en un sofisticado y encantador set para usar a diario.

Viene con: 10 papeles de12x12, 6 moños, 6 marcos, 3 botones, 3 journals, 2 botellas de vino en canasta, 2 cajitas de regalo metalicas, 8 cintas maravillosas, 6 tags, 3 adornos colgantes y un collar.

Only for _ $1.99
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4 valentine´s quick pages

4 beautiful, unique romantic QP in PNG format, 12x12 in 300 DPI.
4 hermosas QP en PNG DE 12X12 EN 300 dpi.
The 4 QP only for: $2.50
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