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Look what Sue,New Ct made with my Men of our lives kit!

Freebie-Wonderful commercial layered template!

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Rak Tag!

The official Rak Tag!
Random Acts of Kindness from Digital Scrapn Designs in your email.
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Our June Designer Spotlight is KakleiDesigns!!!!!
Karen, here are some questions for you to answer to help us learn more about you!
1. Aside from scrapbooking, what creative outlets do you have?
2. What is your favorite thing to wear?
3. What is your least favorite household chore?
4. Share your "designer story". How did you get started?
5. Who is YOUR favorite designer right now?
If you have any questions for KakleiDesigns, please post them and let's get to know her better!BTW... CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok,I will try to answer these hard questions, hahahaha,and thanks so much to Marta for this and also Pat, TYSM everybody,I am really touched and moved about this:Ok, here I go:1. Aside from scrapbooking, what creative outlets do you have?Do you mean besides scrapbooking? OMG, but that is my passion number one, but I am also a writer, yes, beleive it or not I write poetry and short tales, even when it was a long time since I wrote my last one, and off course my writing is in Spanish which is my natural language. And about designing in my PSP9 which is my program, I also love to tube my family photos, make cartoons or blend them in for wallpapers, and I used to be a tagger and a IM letter creator, and I miss the second one very much, but now I just don't have the time...and last but not least, I like to cook sometimes,Pasta different souces for Raviolis or Capelettis.2. What is your favorite thing to wear?Oh that is an easy one: Pijamas...yeah, beleive it or not, if I could spend my days just wearing Pijamas, sport pants like jogging pants and a rope I would be the happiest woman on earth. But, is winter now in my country, so I rather wear jeans and a warm wool sweater to go out, nothing fancy, just the old ones3. What is your least favorite household chore?hahahaha,well....that would be everything?...ok, loundry,I hate loundry and iron so much!4. Share your "designer story". How did you get started?Well, first off all you must forgive me because my memory is not that good when it comes about dates, butI remember I used to have a poetry web site called: "Jarabe poetico" which will be Poetic syrup in Englishand I hosted my poetry and other friend's ones, we were a huge latin community of poetry web sites, and I had this friend also from Argentine who had to make everything for me, (Iris,my web designer) I paid her to make banners, web pages, all designs, and it was kind of frustrating when I had something in mind and it didn't look like I wanted, so I finally signed up for a PSP learning group...and I failed in love with designing, so I ended doing all by myself and also opened another web site to sell or provide web pages and my partner was my web designer, haha...and one day I saw Incredimail, and started to design IM letters, then I saw tags, I became a tagger and finally I saw a wonderful (i remember it exactly as it was today) kit -a freebie for taggers for wedding porposes, all in white and gold...and after that I started to collect all freebies I could...and like 3 years ago or more I made my first freebie, I joined many forums, I was in 3 scrapateers when they were awesome with me and always encouraged me to start creating in big...and somehow, I did...but I also received a lot of NO "you are not good enough", "Oh girl, we can't sell this in our stores, nobody is going to buy it" ( because I applied to many DT calls)...I mean, lots of doors closed at my face, but I didn't give up, I just keep joining scrap booking groups and learn, practice a lot and someday I found out that people wanted to learn from me, and Marta and I had this scrapbooking learning group for dummies, and we teached, but some amazing designers came out from there and they are among us now, and they are amazing, so we made a great job actually...and I also started to join English speaking groups, I remember Misfit, she was awesome, and other groups, and practices more and more, and I was improving myself day by day. And then life happened, I was in Ecuador, my husband left me for know the ususal young lady, and I didn't have conection any more, but I still had my PSP so I spent my sad days designing and writing...when a year ago I came back to my country, I found Marta and she gave me my first chance: I was a proffesional scrapping designer selling products on a store...I couldn't beleive it, I sold, and I sold a lot,but that didn't matter, I was so happy to see my products among other great designers...and now, a year later, I still find myself with a lot of closing doors but the secret, my own receipe is to keep honest, keep working, keep humble, I still join PSP learning groups and when they ask me why? because they feel like I am "too big to be there" I always answer the same: "Beleive me, I am sure that you still have things that I don't know and I could learn, don't be scared about my name or banners, is just a name ...and I am not that great, I still have too much to walk and learn....and that is my only true, I still have a lot to learn, and I wish my learning hunger never stops, because the day that this happens will be the day that I will become in a commercial only porposes designer who won't enjoy the main thing: CREATE! BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG, Selling is my only income now,so I do care about selling but I also care about growing, learning every day a little bit more!!!!5. Who is YOUR favorite designer right now?Well, this is also easy, I admire so many designers that I don't have the time to name them all, but, my favorites are:Adeyo...she is so great that it takes my breath away to see her designs , they are unique, and perfect, Lori Giles...another gem, incredible creative woman, Aimee , Eirene and Pat Stylo, 3 designers from Asia, 1 from USA and one from Argentine....what that tells you?That we have a wonderful, diverse creative women from everywhere!!!!Thanks so much, hugs, Karen.And sorry if I bored you, I talk too much,I know!


I am the Spotlight Designer in SW!!!!!!!
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My name is Karen Kleiman, I am from Uruguay-South América. I was born in Montevideo on November of 1968 and according to my mother stepped into the world writing poetry, creating in each teardrop a color sentence or drawing... I have 39 years now, I am a mother of a young man of 20 (but through my eyes he remains as a strong,sweet boy) and a beautiful, sweet, almost friendly woman of 17 years.
A new and very powerful passion was born in me, a unique and adorable drug or vice: designing in PSP until the eyelids and the column claimed for some rest in a bed. I discovered the beautiful world of scrapbooking and I failed in love with it at forst sight almost 4 years ago; but at the beginning as in any relationship we didn’t completely understood each other, between hugs, compliments, small failures and successes, we were transforming into a single specie… my name was not longer Karen it was transformed into Kakleidesigns, my identity as a woman not changed but if evolved opening the doors of a planet where art could be measured in infinite colors and shapes, where feelings remained enshrined in elegant metaphors, rustic and endless. Today my lyrics are mixed in prose of buttons,enchanted pages, memories and identities of who I am and who I love… The scrap booking today is my eternal and nostalgic poetry…
Welcome to share my little world, with all my love...
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