sábado, marzo 01, 2008

Commercial Antique-Vintage frames

6 fantastic frames to be resized, re colored and used in kits for sale or just for personaluse or friendly use.
Real antique, gold,old textures.
Only for:$4.20
You can purchase them here:

viernes, febrero 29, 2008

Colorful Jeans Kit

Real denim colors and textures, jeans like they used to be and like they are now, powerful and colorful, spicey , country and rustic,this is a set to embrace....
10 printing papers of 12x12, 6 amazing frames, 3 denim with zippers and 3 country ones.3 beutiful bows, 3 buttons, 3 denim flowers,3 marmolade flowers, 6 wonderful, denim and country tags, 3 jean pockets,3 heart with strings, 2 bucklet denim country eyelets, 2 bucklet ribbons, 2 wide jean ribbons,2 zippers ribbons, 2 old jean ribbons,1 jean classic shirt framed
You can purchase this kit in
ONLY FOR $4.60

jueves, febrero 28, 2008


Natural colors, real textures, beige, green, brown, grey and all earth tones blended to create this beutiful kit. It is wonderful to use everyday, for men, women, kids or every special time.All papers are made in JPG format, 12x12 inches-300ppi resolution.All elements are in PNG format -300ppi resolution.Real size of elements is impossible to show in previews.

10 printing papers of 12x12, 1 Capital letters grunge alpha. 2 amazing silk frames, 2 beutiful rustic grunge frames,4 flowers,2 book plates with strings,2 pocket tags,2 earth tags,2 grunge tags,3 large bows,2 silk bows,2 plants in pots,2 journals,2 ring belts,2 wide ribbons,2 curved ribbons,2 belt ribbons
And here is a layout i made using the kit with a photo of my adorable niece: Carmela

Layouts made with Pink poison from my CT members

This is a beutiful layout made by Amanda aka Terrisa, isn't it a cuty?

And this is an amazing one from Digilover for her niece Jenna!

lunes, febrero 25, 2008

Pink poison sample freebie

And off course the freebie:

This is a sample of my master piece, I just love the hole kit, and I never like what I did after I finish, but this time I do.

So this freebie has: 2 papers, 1 flower, 1 bow, 1 frame,1 tag, 1 tie, 1 corner and 1 lace ribbon,enjoy it and leave me some comments if you grab it please!

To downloand just click on tittle!


Pink Poison kit by Kakleidesigns

This must be my master piece, I am just in love with this kit. Pink is one of my favorites colors, and all its shades like purple, light pink, red, etc.I hope you enjoy it as I did.

The kit includes
20 papers of 12x12 inches and 300 ppi ready to print. 6 beutiful frames, 2 ties, 4 amazing flowers, 2 zipper ribbons, 2 lace ribbons, 2 diamond ribbons, 2 beads ribbons, 6 pocket tags, 2 bullets, 3 buttons, 6 beutiful bows, 1 Quck page, 2 heart tags, 3 folder ribbons, 2 torn papers, 4 corners,3 clips

($4.99) Sale: $3.49 Save: 30% off


$5.99 Sale: $4.19 Save: 30% off
Kakleidesigns-Bright days kit
$4.60 Sale: $3.22Save: 30% off
This is a beutiful set that blends the strong blue, light purple, all tonesfrom sky and earth in amazing textures. A kit to use everyday.All papers are in JPG format of 12x12 inches in 300dpi resolution, all elements in PNG format and 300dpi.Commercial use allowed!
10 printing papers of 12x12-300dpi, 6 frames, 6 bows, 6 butterflies, 4 flowers, 6 tags, 8 ribbons

$5.99 Sale: $4.19Save: 30% off