sábado, diciembre 01, 2007


KakleiDesigns ~ Smiley Christmas
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Hi everybody, this will be my first offer for you all and I really hope you enjoy it as much I did creating it.Christmas smiley is not a classic christmas kit.The classics red, green and gold will show in most of it , but I thought about all christmas I lived in my 39 years, and I realized that they were not always the same and each one was absolutly unique as this kit is.Why smiley you should be asking yourself...Well, I was smiling while I was designing each component, I remembered smiles from the past and I also remembered tears and losts, special people who I probably would never see again.I spent many years living in another country (Ecuador), so I just wanted to honor all different christmas celebrations from every different culture I was attached at least once.So, this kit is not only about green, gold and red...it is related with love, friendship, family and special memories.I mixed all different shades of red, like coffee red, falling in love red, purple, pink and blue shades of natural and unique christmas feelings.Green grases and derivates of blue gold will embebed your heart.Charming memories that are framed in my heart, golden kisses, colorful smiles and also metalic sorrows.I embraced this beautiful set with unique textures , marbled the enchant of a child opening presents, waving in marvelous satin elements the christmasspirit, poetry in motion, heat and warm for all the loving ones.Pure and funny this kit will make you fly, dream and smile with joy, love and hope, it will make your laughs longer and your memories last for ever...

The kit contains:
12 papers of 12x12 of 300 DPI

2 double frames

2 colorful frames

2 satin frames

3 different sets of 3 tags each

10 christmas tree ornaments

2 christmas candles

3 stitched stars

2 flowers

6 bows

3 chrome buttons

4 color buttons6

folder ribbons

10 ribbons

3 embelishments

1 quick page