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My name is Karen Kleiman, I am from Uruguay-South América. I was born in Montevideo on November of 1968 and according to my mother stepped into the world writing poetry, creating in each teardrop a color sentence or drawing... I have 39 years now, I am a mother of a young man of 20 (but through my eyes he remains as a strong,sweet boy) and a beautiful, sweet, almost friendly woman of 17 years.
A new and very powerful passion was born in me, a unique and adorable drug or vice: designing in PSP until the eyelids and the column claimed for some rest in a bed. I discovered the beautiful world of scrapbooking and I failed in love with it at forst sight almost 4 years ago; but at the beginning as in any relationship we didn’t completely understood each other, between hugs, compliments, small failures and successes, we were transforming into a single specie… my name was not longer Karen it was transformed into Kakleidesigns, my identity as a woman not changed but if evolved opening the doors of a planet where art could be measured in infinite colors and shapes, where feelings remained enshrined in elegant metaphors, rustic and endless. Today my lyrics are mixed in prose of buttons,enchanted pages, memories and identities of who I am and who I love… The scrap booking today is my eternal and nostalgic poetry…
Welcome to share my little world, with all my love...
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