viernes, febrero 29, 2008

Colorful Jeans Kit

Real denim colors and textures, jeans like they used to be and like they are now, powerful and colorful, spicey , country and rustic,this is a set to embrace....
10 printing papers of 12x12, 6 amazing frames, 3 denim with zippers and 3 country ones.3 beutiful bows, 3 buttons, 3 denim flowers,3 marmolade flowers, 6 wonderful, denim and country tags, 3 jean pockets,3 heart with strings, 2 bucklet denim country eyelets, 2 bucklet ribbons, 2 wide jean ribbons,2 zippers ribbons, 2 old jean ribbons,1 jean classic shirt framed
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ONLY FOR $4.60

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Amanda aka Terrista dijo...

how cute is this kit the colors and it has a ton of elements and i'm so hooked on the zippers there one of my fave elements now ...great job on this kit