domingo, febrero 03, 2008

Natural Sophisticated kit

This is a beutiful kit, natural and elegant papers ,elements that without having the touch of rustic becomes in a sophisticated and lovely set to use every day.
The following items are included in the zip:10 papers of 12x1-300dpi, 6 bows 6 frames, 3 buttons, 3 journals,2 wine bottles,2 gift cans,8 ribbons,6 tags, 3 hanging ornaments, 1 neckledge

Este hermoso y refinado kit, natural y elegante sin dejar de tener ese toque rustico, se transforma en un sofisticado y encantador set para usar a diario.

Viene con: 10 papeles de12x12, 6 moños, 6 marcos, 3 botones, 3 journals, 2 botellas de vino en canasta, 2 cajitas de regalo metalicas, 8 cintas maravillosas, 6 tags, 3 adornos colgantes y un collar.

Only for _ $1.99
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