domingo, noviembre 30, 2008

Mega Collab Kit- Resolutions

Mega Collab Kit- Resolutions
Our Designers have proudly contributed to this Mega Kit with a "New Year's Resolutions" theme. You can get this kit FREE by just spending $7.00 on a single order (not including coupons and gift certificates).

Resolutions: Those little promises that you make to yourself each year but don't necessarily keep. Here's a way to keep you and your family on track with those promises. Took TIME as a theme for new years family resolutions. Spend more quality time with our loved ones, take more time for what matters, be on time, smile more, love more And show that you care...There's a lot to do, so you name it, your choice. With this wonderful collab kit you will be able to color those resolutions, to honor last years and embrace new ones.

Mega features 62 papers in JPG format, 12x12 inches-300DPI and 112 Elements in PNG format, 300DPI:
Elements included:
4 flowers,3 poinsettias, 2 heart beaded hangers, 5 ribbon hangers, 13 frames in different models like wrapped, with diamonds and more, 2 brads, 2 ribbons, 2 brackets, 2 tabs,2 deco brads, 2 deco doodles, 4 curly doodles, 5 tags in very assorted models, 9 baloons, 6 champagne glasses in different models, 9 unique bows in different models, 5 clocks,1 deco sand clock, 1 memo clip, 6 clips, 1 party horn, 1 party hat, 1 lamp post, 4 word art in different models, 2 resolutions journals, 1 deco journal, 1 resolution template, 1 new year sticker, 1 diamond star, 4 ribbons in different models, 4 curly ribbons, 1 stitch ribbon, 1 folded ribbon, 3 knotted ribbons.
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Designers contributed:
Addie Designs, Digital Embellishments, EMS-Arts, Kakleidesigns, Queen Brat Designs and Sirena Mala.

Not all items displayed in previews:

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