miércoles, octubre 01, 2008

Rest of layouts I made with kits from Monika in SAS contest and Soose

Ok,these first 3 I made with the stunning, amazing kit by Monika, I just can't say enough, this kit is absolutly beutiful and has perfect quality

And these I made with Soose kit that is also fun, really nice and also has good quality.
Have u seen the voting in SAS?
I did something I never did before, spent 2 whole days downloanding every kit so I could be fare...and I had so much dissapointments that I can't even say, for example after spending so much time, hours downloanding just 1 kit, I deleted as soon as I open it...OMG, stray pixels, blurry, wrong sizes, wrong DPI...and those kits are kind of winning...when These magical ladies:
Queen Brat, Monika Designs and Soose are the winners for me big, big time
So SAS doesn't check kits, I do...SAS don't want these ladies,I do...
and even when I don't buy any kits (I hardly use my own) if SAS is going to offer those other kits ...well, they will get in big troubles...and that is all I can say...now, back to my own business which is Designing....

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