miércoles, setiembre 10, 2008

New September commercial use Grab bag-Anti dissapointments

This Grab bag offers you high quality and unique items, it includes 10 full commercial use sets but it also offers you a Capital redemption...for all those huge dissapointmentsthat lots of grab bags offered you in the past (me included).I can honestly tell you that this one is beutiful, useful and a real bargain.You will find 10 complete sets of:4 colored borders of 12x12,6 Frames,6 Cardboard tags,1 Tag Template,1 Flower Template,1 Cardboard Glitter Flower mix pack,1 Cardboard journals pack,10 SBP Presets,1 Different fall papers pack, 1 set of Cardboard Bottoms.The whole Grab bag value is a little more than $25, you can grab it now until September 31th at only $6.25 an 75% less...so, what are you waiting for?

At the moment is available at all my stores !

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