martes, mayo 27, 2008

New kits, new stores, new products, new blog!

Summer Glory set-available in all my stores!
This is a prescious kit, complete and colorful. The colors are just sublime, orange, green, pink, light blue and all their shadesget along to create this great work of art. Your summers memories willbe embraced in this multifacetic, colorful, fun kit!
The set comes in 4 parts:10 Papers,49 elements, 6 Overlays and the hole set in one!All papersare made in JPG format-12x12inches-300ppi.All elements are made in PNG format-12x12inches-300ppi.The previews don't show all elements, textures and real sizes.
Papers: 10 papers of 12x12 inches-300ppi.JPG format. Wonderful textures and colors.$- 4.30
Elements: 3 glitter-glass suns, 2 diamond edges frames, 2 wrapped frames, 2 oval frames, 6 tags, 3 star fish bottoms, 3 wonderful suns with bottoms, 5 beutiful unique flowers, 1 fish pot, 4 under sea charms, 3 stitchesribbons,3 folded ribbons, 3 scalloped ribbons, 3 beads ribbons, 6 beutiful bows.$-4.00
Overlays:3 Greay scaled overlays of 12x12 inches, JPG formatand the 3 samples (colored overlays) included.$- 3.50
Take the hole set for commercial, S4H, S4O and personal usefor only $ 7.00, save 37%!

Kakleidesigns- Ego-Center Paper pack-
10 artistic, commercial, unique papers of 12x12inches in 300ppi resolution -JPG format. Ready to recolor, use as overlays or what ever you want, not credit required but always appreciated. The main colors in this set are Brown, chocolate, pale coffee and all shades of blue including silver grey and others.
Commercial use, S4O, S4H and personal use.

Kakleidesigns- Folded Papers pack-
3 unique,commercial folded papers with accesories of 12x12 inches-300ppi-PNG format. Ready to use, recolor, include in kits or layouts. Credit is not required but always appreciated-CU.ok.

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