sábado, mayo 17, 2008

My first Duet set, wohooo! Cute Summer with Sabry card

I am so proud of this duet, working with Sabry was a blast and it turns to be a great, wonderful set!!!

Cute summer kit duet _KakleiDesigns &Sabry Card
This is just an amazing, high quality set for summer,great , bright colors match together to make your summer photos unforgettable.And it is also beutiful for all adults who keep their child alive insidetheir soul, to have fun, to not forget, for every day use!!!

6 assorted cute adhesives,6 brad glass hearts and stars,1 border-torn paper of 12inches in its large size,3 buckles, 2 doodles, 3 eyelet ribbons, 3 paper clip,3 fish tale frames3 pond frames3 polaroid frames3 scalopped edge frames6 wonderful tags3 wrapped ribbons3 bow-word art ribbons1 word art label2 bows ribbons2 flower ribbons2 suns4 ruffle flowers2 glass flowers2 glass fishes beads3 beads ribbons3 starglass buttons2 boat embelishments3 folded ribbons3 flower bows3 patched bows-82 elements!
Papers:20 papers in JPG format, textured, 300 ppi-12x12inches

6 wonderful QP of 12x12 inches-300 ppi. PNG format.

Papers: $4.50, Elements:$5.90, Album: $5.40

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