domingo, abril 06, 2008

An American Quilt set

American Quilt Paper pack
This is a hard making and beutiful set of papers, 6 realistic quilted papers with different patterns ,colors and textures and 4 stitches quilted papers. All papers are in JPG format, 12x12 inches-300ppi.
Personal & S4O/S4H Use Allowed
$3.30 Sale: $2.81Save: 15% off

American Quilt Frames set
$3.20 Sale: $2.72Save: 15% off
12 amazing quilted frames made with the American quilt paper pack.
Personal & S4O/S4H Use Allowed

American Quilt elements set

$2.80 Sale: $2.38Save: 15% off
This is the last part of the An American Quilt set.
All elements are made in PNG format-300ppi.
The set includes: 3 stitches journaling tags, 3 quilted drop tags, 1 amazing wood dresser with mirror, 1 set of cushions or pillows, 3 beutiful flowers, 3 stitches plated, 3 hearts with fur and strings, 3 buttons, 3 clips,3 pins, 6 amazing bows, 1 curly ribbon, 3 folded ribbons, 3 stitches ribbons, 3 quilted ribbons.
Personal & S4O/S4H Use Allowed

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