lunes, diciembre 10, 2007

New kit in my store!


This is a kit about the most simple, important and debated subject of all:Love.Well, I was thinking about february 14th that is pretty close, and how that date makes me feel.I realized that I am South American and in my country is not a famous holyday like in most countries is, but I just adore Valentine´s day and I just love to love...I am a very romantic woman, I can’t help is just who I am.But I think love doesn’t have to be involved exclusively with a couple or may be there are a lot of different couples that comes to my mind, some involve more than two...So, this kit is dedicated to all kind of love:The couple´s passional, eternal love. Friendship and partnership.The purity and amazing love between mothers with sons and daughters.The incredible love to family, bigs families and small ones.The love for those who are not longer with us...The love for the country, the culture, the identity that makes us feel real.Love for peace, color, dignity, respect, nature, animals, human beings...And most important of all, the love we must provide to ourselves.So, I hope you enjoy this kit and dare to feel the magic I did when I was creating it...and please don’t ever stop dreamming about...LOVE.

The kit contains:
12 stamped and texturized papers of 12x12

2 double frames

2 heart frames

2 photo frames

3 pocket tags

3 romantic tags

3 tags

5 folder ribbons

10 amazing ribbons in sets of 2 each

3 buttons

3 eyelets

3 romantic post cards, ready to print of 13x11 aprox.

1Quick page of 12 x 12

3 pins

6 bows in 2 sets of 3.

All this only for:$4.50


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